Ecology has become more and more important for Polish people in recent years and more and more products are ecology friendly and organic. It also matters to Polish employees, shows a new survey. 

Paying attention to the amount of generated waste, reusing products, and sensible management of resources are important steps in building an ecological attitude, also in the workplace. 

Eco-friendly Polish employees

As the Dailyfruits survey shows, as much as 81 percent. employees believe that employers should introduce solutions in the zero waste trend. 

40 percent of respondents are in favour of ordering fruit and vegetables for offices in removable, reusable crates, 38 percent for waste segregation and saving light, and 37 percent indicate cooperation with suppliers using ecological solutions. 

29 percent of the respondents want their companies to receive products in biodegradable packaging.

Among the solutions recommended by employees, which allow employers to be more eco-friendly, there is also the location of the office that allows the use of public transport or bicycles, as well as the use of water dispensers in companies instead of bottled water. 

Positive development in Poland

“It is positive that in Poland there are more and more socially responsible companies implementing zero waste projects, and employees are more willing to work in such projects” comments Maciej Partyka from Dailyfruits.

It will without a doubt be a trend that we will see in Poland in the coming years as well. Fx. are more and more people becoming vegan in the bigger cities in Poland and Warsaw is on of the cities in Europa with the highest numbers of vegan reasturants.

That fact may surprise you but it shows how many Poles are becoming more aware of ecology.

Source: Rzeczpospolita


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