Ukraine needs help in the face of war and I think we should help in every way possible. Below is a list of reliable Polish fundraisers and humanitarian aid organisations, as well as the number of accounts to which money can be paid.

How to support humanitarian aid in Ukraine?

Below is a short list of verified fundraisers dedicated to helping Ukraine:

The Polish Center for International Aid is a Polish non-governmental organization that provides development and humanitarian aid outside Poland. It focuses on humanitarian aid, population evacuation and psychological help for children. You can support their activities at this link:

The Ari Ari Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that has been supporting blind and partially sighted people from Ukraine for over nine years. The Foundation has launched a fundraiser to provide immediate, financial assistance to blind and visually impaired people, children and adults. At this link you can support people with disabilities in need:

Polish Humanitarian Action is an organisation present in Ukraine since 2014. The collection is to help provide medical care, food and hygiene packages, blankets, sleeping bags and other products necessary for survival. You can support the donation here:

The Polish Medical Mission , an organisation that provides medical assistance in war-torn countries , has also joined in helping Ukraine . You can support this organisation here: .

Aid for Ukraine has also been pledged by Caritas , a Catholic charity that provides food, hygiene products and basic material assistance. You can make a payment here: .

The Polish government also launched a website with a list of selected organisations that can be used to donate money to help Ukraine. It is available at this address: .

Other verified forms of support via money

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, on behalf of the National Bank of Ukraine , opened a special account into which, starting today, money can be deposited to help Ukraine.

The funds are to be transferred directly to the National Bank of Ukraine, which will allocate them for the necessary actions. Payments to the account should be made in Polish zlotys – informs BGK, which is the Polish state development bank.

How to deposit money?

Funds should be paid to the account number: 91 1130 0007 0080 2394 3520 0002

Recipient: National Bank of Ukraine .

Transfer title: Support for Ukraine .

In the coming days, BLIK is to launch the possibility of making payments to this account also via the BLIK system.

The PKO Bank Polski Foundation has launched a special account for payments to help Ukraine. You can deposit any amount, even the smallest one.

Bank transfer details:

Foundation of PKO Bank Polski

Title: Contribution to aid for Ukraine

Account number: 47 1020 1068 0000 1002 0172 3014 – the organiser of the official fundraiser # SolidarniZUkrainą – has launched a new functionality that allows you to set up a corporate “virtual can” as part of the main campaign.

“Companies, organisations, unions and local governments have great power – the power to conduct organised activities” – the organisers wrote in a press release.

At, each organisation can set up an online fundraiser to help our neighbours and quickly start collecting funds in a verified place.

The website also has ready-made collection promotion tools: convenient options for sharing on social media and an automatically created widget-code to be placed on a website or blog.

All costs are covered by the portal – 100%. the amount paid goes to the indicated foundation.

More than 4.6 million zlotys have already been collected at the collection . All funds will be donated to humanitarian aid, the website does not charge any commission.

The Ukrainian government has made it possible to make a donation to the Armed Forces via . You can also direct funds through the central bank of Ukraine: .

How to accept refugees from Ukraine at home?

People willing to offer shelter to refugees from Ukraine can be reported on the Poles for Ukraine website

On the other hand, the offer of temporary accommodation for refugees in Warsaw can be submitted via the form on the Ochotnica Warszawa website and in the form of the Ukrainian House in Warsaw .

Collection of gifts

The collection of material gifts, such as long-term food, cosmetics, bandages and thermal blankets, was announced by the Polish Red Cross. Details can be found here:

How to sign up for volunteering?

People who want to become volunteers can apply to numerous organisations.

The Ocalenie Foundation is still looking for people willing to do so. The application form can be completed at this link:

Blood for Ukraine

People who decide to donate blood can find the nearest blood donation point at

How else can you help?

Money can also be donated to organisations that help animals in Ukraine. The fundraiser was organised by the Benek Foundation. Payments can be made here:

Here we have prepared a handy graphic showing how you can help Ukraine, divided into charities and fundraising for other purposes, including helping animals or direct donations to the Ukrainian army. All payments have been verified by 300gospodarka

Source and photo: 300gospodarka


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