The Polish Hotel Chain ARCHE is expanding in Pomerania

The ARCHE Group, the largest Polish hotel chain that specialises in the revitalization of historic buildings plans to open another two hotels in Pomerania, including one in the former Airplane Factory in Mielno and the other in Gdańsk. 

At the end of last year, the Uphagen Manor was commissioned, the first ARCHE facility in this region of Poland and the 16th in the chain’s collection of hotels ARCHE makes neglected, historic buildings adapted to hotel and tourist activities, without losing any of their historical and architectural value. 

Hotel chain owns 16 hotels throughout Poland

Today, the group owns 16 hotels throughout Poland as mentioned, with 3150 rooms and 27 restaurants in total. These facilities receive nationwide and world awards both in the field of architecture and in the hotel industry.

The soul of this undertaking is Władysław Grochowski, President of the ARCHE group, a well-known developer-philanthropist and hotelier.

“I like places like this. Where others don’t want to, where something is left behind. Where it is necessary to revitalise not only the place but also the community. I didn’t even know that I was doing a good deal, ”says Władysław Grochowski.

The hotels have the Arche Investment System, which guarantees monthly profits and the prospect of increasing the value of the property in the long term.

The Uphagen family used to live in the newly opened Gdańsk Uphagen Manor from 1800, and then the Boromeuszko sisters expanded it with a hospital, which operated until 2004.

Currently, it is a beautiful hotel that enjoys great interest from investors. At the moment, already 80 percent. rooms already have their owners.

Undoubtedly, they are attracted by a certain profit, where the minimum rate of return is not less than 5%. for 10 years. Investors buy rooms, but also profit from renting restaurant and conference rooms.

As Magdalena Sidorowicz, Sales Director of the Arche System emphasises, investors are primarily seduced by monuments, non-obvious, historical and interesting places. Additionally, the atmosphere of the hotel chain: hospitality, openness to the local community, healthy food.

“Investors who visited the Uphagen Manor simply did not believe that the monument could be restored in such a way, while maintaining care and historical details.

Visitors were delighted, of course, by the preserved walls, but also by the numerous historical souvenirs collected from old photos of doctors, hospital mangle, which is now proudly displayed in the lobby bar, to old medical bags and measuring glasses, which are now the hotel’s decorations.

An unquestionable attraction is the pre-war Swiss cuisine – where meals were actually cooked for patients, and now hotel guests use it” says Magdalena Sidorowicz.

”You can also experience a thrill … I did not experience it, but some people argued loudly during the opening of the hotel that in one place on the ground floor you can feel a gentle tickling on the back ” she adds jokingly.

As you can see, the thrill of emotions, an amazing story and careful preservation of the historical character of the building translate into success.

A big attraction is the historical path, thanks to which you can visit the facility. Work is currently underway on the revitalization of the actual Uphagen Manor, i.e. the villa where the family lived. Already in June, 4 apartments and a restaurant are to be put into use.

Investors are increasingly fascinated by such projects and a completely new approach to the hotel industry. It is therefore not surprising that another facility, where work has not yet started for good, is already sold at 20 percent.

We are talking about the Airplane Factory in Mielno, which was the Luftwaffe naval aviation base. Until the 1990s, the facility was used by the Polish Army.

The investment area is located between Lake Jamno and the Baltic Sea and covers the area of ​​the historic water aviation base with an area of approx. 6.5 ha.

“I was surprised by the size and enormous potential of this place. Two buildings have survived from the military complex, of which the most important and the most magnificent is the hangar with an area of ​​3.5 thousand square meters.

It is 12 meters high and it will be a place for large cultural and sports events. There will be concerts and shows that will attract visitors, ”says Magdalena Sidorowicz.

In the first stage, Arche will build a building with 120 flats with kitchenettes, including six 5 * finishing apartments.

Currently, a continuous footing has been poured and the first walls are being built. The facility will be ready next year and all the premises are sold in the Arche System.

“We give a 5 percent guarantee. annual profit calculated from the net price of the premises. This is the minimum. When we work out a surplus, we pay extra. We already have over 600 investors and the number of them is growing very quickly. They are like a family – they identify with the company and with our values, ”says Władysław Grochowski.

Hotel at the airport in Gdańsk

The company will build a hotel at the airport in Gdańsk, the sale of rooms in this investment will start in March this year.

“Here we will surprise you with a modern shape of the hotel, which resembles the wing of an airplane. The plane that we made and flew out of paper was the inspiration.

It will be a 5-storey hotel towering over the surrounding area. From the windows of the rooms you will be able to observe planes taking off and landing, as well as admire the beautiful Baltic sea, ”describes the investment Magdalena Sidorowicz.

Source: PAP Mediaroom photo by ARCHE Group.


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