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The current situation in Ukraine has become problematic not only for its inhabitants and companies operating there, but also for non-profit organizations that need to continue their activities to support civil society in the country and provide humanitarian aid. 

Unfortunately, they lack adequate IT infrastructure, security systems or software. That is why Tech To The Rescue, a Polish foundation that connects technology companies with non-profit organizations, has just launched the #TechForUkraine campaign, which aims to support Ukrainian NGOs in their technological needs.

“Ukrainian organizations have to adapt their structures and action plan to the requirements of the digital world” says Bogdan Maslych, head of the Ukrainian foundation GURT Resource Center, which is the campaign’s partner on the Ukrainian side.

Foundations often do not have their own resources to build effective technological solutions. We need the support of professionals, because digitization is a necessity today. Without it, it is difficult to carry out aid activities and exert influence on Ukrainian society”, adds Maslych.

Improving cybersecurity is a pressing need

Any technology company that is ready to allocate its resources and time to a joint project with a selected organization can join the action. The aid is provided on a pro bono basis. The application can be submitted via a special tab, Tech To The Rescue 

“The community of IT companies has shown its solidarity many times. Tech leaders have responded to phenomena such as the migration crisis and the Covid 19 epidemic, but many of them regularly support charities.

Now Ukrainian non-profits need support more than ever, and Tech To The Rescue is a bridge between those who operate on the spot and those who are ready to serve with their talent and knowledge” says Jacek Siadkowski, director and co-founder of Tech To The Rescue. One of many Polish IT companies.

The Tech To The Rescue Foundation was established in March 2020 as a coalition of 10 European technology companies.

Connecting technology companies and NGOs

Currently, it connects over 250 IT companies and 300 non-profit organizations (including Polish IT companies) to jointly search for effective solutions to the most pressing social and environmental problems.

The projects implemented so far have had a positive impact on the fate of one million people in 12 countries.

Source: Forbes


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