Polish children and smartphones in 2022

All over the world not only adults but also children have a smartphone and the same is the case in Poland.

Now a consumer survey made in Poland and among children, their parents and teachers shows Polish childrens use of a smartphone. The Office of Electronic Communications made the survey and is now published.

97.7% of Polish children have a smartphone

Children usually start using a mobile phone at the age of 7-8 (46.8%). Almost every child aged 7 to 14 has a smartphone (97.7%) according to the survey. According to UKE, it was the parents who decided on the choice of the mobile offer (79.1%).

Most children install apps by themselves

Almost 57.8 percent of the parents indicated that the children install their own applications on the phone. A similar percentage of children indicated that they install applications for themselves (57.4%). About 41 percent parents admit that their children know how to make purchases via mobile applications.

The study also shows that most often children start using the Internet at the age of 7-8 (36.2%), slightly less often it is 5-6 years (27.6%). The vast majority of children (88.8%) use the Internet when they don´t use it in their education.

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