Poczta Polska, the Polish postal service raises parcel prices due to the inflation

Inflation can be felt everywhere, including sending letters. Now, the prices of its services are being increased by Poczta Polska (PP) – from a few to several percent. The increases will take effect on October 1.

Poczta Polska raises parcel prices

Poczta Polska in a announcement informs that the rising costs of labour and transport, the global increase in raw material prices and the falling volume of letter items “have become an impulse to modify the prices of domestic shipments”.

PP emphasises that the scale of increases in selected services in domestic circulation amounts to “no more than a dozen percent, and in most cases – only a few”.

The price of popular unregistered and registered letters in the most frequently chosen S and M formats will increase by PLN 0.30. In turn, we will pay PLN 1 more for popular postal parcels in size A.

“Additional expense of a few zlotys throughout the year”

The Post Office emphasises that, in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Postal Law, it cannot close unprofitable offices or liquidate services that bring losses. “Such obligations do not affect competition. Other entities operating on the postal services market, unlike the Company, may only be guided in their activities by business calculations and cost effectiveness” – he explains.

“It is worth emphasising that for a statistical Pole who sends fewer and fewer letters, this will mean an additional expense of a few zlotys throughout the year. For Poczta Polska, even a small adjustment in the prices of services provided is an additional increase in revenue that will enable the launch of new postal points of contact, as well as maintaining those less visited by customers, located in rural areas “- we read further in the statement of Poczta Polska.

The applicable prices for cross-border shipments remain unchanged.

PP emphasises that the introduced changes have already been adopted by the President of the Office of Electronic Communications.

Source: BusinessInsider



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