Nursing benefit in Poland 2022. Who is entitled to it? How much is it?

The amount of the nursing benefit increased in 2022. It can be used by carers of a disabled person – but what conditions must be met in order to receive it? What is its height now?

The amount of the nursing benefit increased by PLN 148 this year. From January 1, it is exactly PLN 2,119 per month. It can be used by people who resigned from employment or other gainful work to care for a disabled person

Nursing benefit. Who is entitled to it?

Most often, the family members of the person requiring care benefit from the nursing benefit. However, there are situations in which other caregivers also use it. Therefore, the nursing benefit may be due to:

  • mother or father,
  • the actual guardian of the child,
  • a relative foster family within the meaning of the Act of June 9, 2011 on supporting the family and the foster care system,
  • other persons who, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of February 25, 1964 – Family and Guardianship Code – have a maintenance obligation, with the exception of persons with a significant degree of disability.

At the beginning of the year, the amount of the benefit increased as a result of indexation. Its amount depends on the lowest remuneration for work in Poland. As a reminder, in 2022 the lowest rate is PLN 3,100. This is an increase of 7.5 percent. The benefit has also increased accordingly – the current rate is therefore PLN 2,119. To obtain them, please contact the appropriate municipal or city office.

Nursing benefit is not for people caring for adults

Nursing benefit is granted to persons caring for people with disabilities who have not reached the age of 18 or 25 – if the person is still in education. Caregivers of adults can apply for a care allowance, which currently amounts to PLN 620. This amount is so “high” that the carers cannot be employed. If they do so, they will lose their entitlement to benefits.

Source: Gazeta


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