The tax calculator or salary calculator is not for every employee

The government tax calculator of the Polish Deal 2.0 will not help everyone. “Rzeczpospolita” writes that “the tool for employees only settles simple situations, and entrepreneurs still have to count for themselves”.

As Rzeczpospolita writes, the Ministry of Finance has released a new version of the Polish Deal 2.0 calculator for employees and contractors – taxpayers using it can calculate how the changes introduced this year will affect their net remuneration.

Tax calculator only used by employees

However, the newspaper points out that the calculator will only be used by employees, not employers. But that’s not one problem – the tool has many exclusions.

“It does not take into account, for example, revenues from work contracts, sickness and maternity benefits or retirement or disability benefits received throughout the year. Self-employed persons are still waiting for their version of the tool” – it says.

Calculators take this into account

Currently, the salary calculators take into account: an employment contract provided throughout the year; contract of mandate provided throughout the year; two employment contracts provided throughout the year; 30-fold limit when calculating social contributions; common limits on reliefs exempting part of tax revenues and copyright costs; a mechanism for reducing the health premium to the advance payment; annual individual and child settlement; child relief.

It is said that there are other features in the pipeline, so we have to wait and see if it will be improved.

Source: BusinessInsider


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