President of UOKiK on credit holidays: The first charges against banks may arise this week

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, during a press conference on the first day of the credit holidays, called on citizens to report every case when the bank makes it difficult for them to take advantage of the program. He indicated that the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) would be the most appropriate addressee of such notifications.

More than 300 complaints about credit holidays

It turns out that over 300 people who actually had difficulties with submitting applications for credit holidays came to the office indicated by the prime minister for three days.

-According to the state in the morning, there are already about 300 complaints, so Friday and Saturday are about 150 complaints each. This is quite a lot, considering that some of them go to the Financial Ombudsman. These complaints will be considered by us. We will decide whether to initiate proceedings against banks or not – said Tomasz Chróstny, president of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, on RMF FM.

Banks make it difficult to apply for credit holidays

According to the information from the President of UOKiK, the problems concern technical issues, misleading customers, but also very mundane matters.

– On the one hand, they complain about the difficulties in the application process, i.e. problems with non-functioning internet banking, or such mundane things as closed bank branches. Banks also limit the possibility of indicating eight months in a single application, as permitted by the act. It is also a limitation of our rights as consumers – added by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

Credit holidays do not affect your creditworthiness

President Tomasz Chróstny also reminded that, pursuant to the Act, banks have no right to reduce the creditworthiness of people who decide to use the benefit of deferring instalments.

– Banks also threaten that after taking advantage of the statutory credit holidays, your creditworthiness may suffer. There are absolutely no grounds for this – added Tomasz Chróstny. – I want to calm down. Banks have no grounds that the fact of taking credit holidays would cause a reduction in creditworthiness – he said.

UOKiK will present the first charges

The Office does not intend to delay for a long time with bringing the first charges and starting vetting proceedings against those banks about which doubts are raised. – The first charges may be as early as this week. This applies to banks that have not adapted and continue to mislead their customers – assured president Tomasz Chróstny.

Source: Wprost


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