Lidia Kazen becomes the new director of the Polish tv station TVN

TVN Warner Bros. Group Discovery introduces changes to the structure of the programming division. The newly established position of TVN channel director will be assumed by Lidia Kazen. from TTV.

Lidia Kazen will become the channel director

In June, TVN’s program director, Edward Miszczak , said goodbye to the station after 25 years of work. Now Lidia Kazen will become the channel director. Until now, she was the program director of TTV and Player.

According to Wirtualne Media, quoting the company’s announcement, “both the TTV and Player channels were appreciated by viewers and critics for their alternative and bold approach to the scheduling.”

In turn, Bogdan Czaja, who previously served as TVN’s deputy programming director, is to be responsible for the programming strategy and channel operations for the entire TVN Warner Bros portfolio, emphasises Jarosław Potasz, who until now was the director of the TVN production department, also advanced. Now he will be responsible for the overall supervision of the production of all forms of television, except for news programs.

Miszczak joined TVN in 1997

Edward Miszczak decided to co-create TVN at the instigation of Mariusz Walter, who had been creating a new television network in Poland since 1996 . A year later he became its program director. A year later he became its program director. There, he also served as vice-president of the management board of the joint stock company TVN. At that time, he also ran the programs: “I was captivated by your story”, “Cela nr” and “Cela”. It was he who promoted many celebrities known in Poland today, such as: Hubert Urbański, Magda Mołek or Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan.

On June 7, Edward Miszczak resigned from TVN . At the end of June, he said goodbye to the group.

Source: Gazeta


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