Polish Deal 2.0 salary calculator now with new features

From Wednesday, the salary calculator on the website of the Ministry of Finance includes additional functions. The calculator itself is also a novelty, it was made available at the beginning of July, when the changes caused by the Polish Deal 2.0 came into force.

When the regulations changed in the middle of the current fiscal year, because the revised provisions of the Polish Governance came into force on July 1, the government launched a wage calculator (low taxation-kalkulator.mf.gov.pl) so that everyone could get their own allowance.

“Tax calculators of the Ministry of Finance are designed to help taxpayers understand the effects of the reform from July 1, 2022. They present a simplified monthly and annual settlement in the theoretical model of 2021 and 2022 ”. – in this way, the Ministry of Finance encouraged the use of the new tool.

News in the ministerial salary calculator

On July 27, improvements were made to it in that it is possible to calculate the net wages for the coexistence of employment contracts and contracts of mandate together with the various interactions that may occur on this occasion. Therefore, the calculator automatically monitors the appropriate calculation of social contributions (including the confluence of insurance titles) and PPK contributions (if selected by the taxpayer), as well as the limit of 30 times the pension contribution while obtaining income from 2 sources.

The ministry assures that it will soon release new functions, including they will take into account cases of coexistence of contracts (employment, orders) with a pension or joint annual settlement with a spouse. Solutions for entrepreneurs will also be introduced.

You can use it here.

Salary calculator – what can you calculate?

  • an employment contract provided throughout the year;
  • contract of mandate provided throughout the year;
  • simultaneous provision of two employment contracts or an employment contract and a contract of mandate;
  • 30-fold limit when calculating social contributions;
  • common limits on reliefs exempting part of tax revenues and copyright costs;
  • a mechanism for reducing the health premium to the advance payment;
  • annual individual and child settlement;
  • child relief.

At the moment, the calculator does not take into account:

  • retirement or disability benefits received throughout the year;
  • uniformed salaries;
  • sickness benefit;
  • maternity allowance;
  • non-contributory or taxable allowances;
  • flat-rate income tax on mandate contracts below PLN 200;
  • copyright costs charged only on the part of the revenue from the employment contract;
  • simultaneous use of copyright costs on advances and tax reliefs;
  • other allowances and exemptions than those mentioned earlier.

The Ministry also reminds that the calculators are for illustrative purposes only, therefore they cannot constitute the basis for the actual calculation of wages and social benefits. “The real situation of taxpayers may differ from the adopted assumptions, and each discrepancy should be analysed individually.” – instructs in the message.

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