The advertising market in Poland in 2021 grew over 16%

The value of the advertising market in Poland in 2021 increased by 16.2%. up to 10.5 billion that estimates Publicis Groupe Polska. Television, internet, radio, outdoor advertising and cinema saw double-digit gains in revenues. In 2022, Publicis expects the market to grow by 4.5-6.5%.

Last year’s spending in this market was 7 percent higher than in 2019. In 2020, the market shrank by 7.9% in the wake of the pandemic.

“In 2021, double-digit increases were recorded by the Internet, television, radio, outdoor advertising and cinemas. The press also had a positive dynamic. Online advertising expenditure grew the fastest by 21.8%. 

The volume analysis shows that Internet budgets increased by 803.6 million PLN, and TV channels by 460.1 million PLN. 

In radio this increase was 94.9 million PLN, and in outdoor advertising 66.8 million PLN. The sum of increases in other media amounted to PLN 37.8 million ” says the report.

Publicis estimates that last year spending on TV advertising increased by 11.5%, on radio by 13.9%, on outdoor advertising by 20%, on magazines and newspapers by 2%, and on advertising in cinemas by 94.1%

Most popular to advertise on the internet

In 2021, the Internet overtook television in the first place in market share and now the share of both these media is similar, with the predominance of online advertising.

“The total share in this market of television and digital media exceeds 85%. The share of radio advertising is stable and amounts to 7.4% (down 0.1 pp). The share of outdoor advertising increased from 3.7% to 3, 8% after the remarkably strong fourth quarter 

Magazines and dailies decreased their share from 2.1% to 1.9% and 1.4% to 1.2%, respectively, while the cinema increased their share from 0.4% percent to 0.6 percent ” – wrote in the report.

All sectors except the automotive and home products sector increased their advertising budgets in 2021. Trade, the largest segment of the market, increased budgets by 26.6 percent to 2.25 billion PLN and the pharmaceutical market spent 3.7 percent more, 1.04 billion PLN. 

The third largest sector, food, increased spending by 10.7%. up to 1.01 billion PLN. Last year, slight drops in expenditure were recorded in the automotive sector (by 0.7% less) and household products (-2.5%).

Publicis Groupe Polska predicts that the year 2022 will end with the advertising market growth in the range of 4.5-6.5%.

“The outlook for this year is good, but it is difficult to predict how the geopolitical situation will shake the market. The current forecasts for Poland indicate GDP growth of around 5.5% in 2022 and 4.2% in 2023.

This would be a good a signal for the this market. At the same time, inflation forecasts go up. This phenomenon can also be felt in the market today.

“There is an inflationary pressure on the part of almost all media, this applies to television, internet, outdoor advertising and radio, “said Iwona Jaśkiewicz-Kundera, head of the investment department at Publicis Groupe.

Publicis Groupe is one of the largest advertising holdings in the world. In Poland, it employs nearly 1500. people. 

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Source: PAP Biznes



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