Electricity from solar panels will give huge savings for Polish companies. Get TAURON's free guide for firms

A company that invests in photovoltaic panels a.k.a. solar panels can reduce its electricity costs even by nearly 80 percent – it follows from TAURON’s calculations. According to experts, this technology is one of the key solutions generating savings in business. How to use it, TAURON explains in a free ebook.

– Renewable energy sources are the basis of TAURON’s Green Return, i.e. our strategy. Photovoltaics is particularly important in this context. We support its development, among others, through a comprehensive investment offer for small and larger companies, thanks to which they can reduce their dependence on market fluctuations in energy prices and, consequently, significantly reduce their annual energy bills – says Paweł Szczeszek , CEO of TAURON Group.

Almost one third of all micro-installations in Poland are already connected to the TAURON distribution network. Starting in July, a new prosumer billing system, the so-called net-billing, in which the prosumer is an active participant of the market.

Use of solar panels will give huge savings

TAURON experts emphasise that photovoltaics remains an attractive and profitable source of energy for both small and larger companies – especially those that will maximise their self-consumption.

– For companies, photovoltaics is a solution that generates financial benefits in a difficult economic environment. For example, a medium-sized production company that decides to install the most frequently chosen 50 kWp photovoltaic installation can, thanks to it, save nearly 60 to almost 80 percent of energy expenditure during the year – says Tomasz Lender, Vice President of TAURON Sprzedaż, responsible for the business market. 

Apart from the expenditure incurred and the method of financing, the most important parameter taken into account when calculating the payback time is the level of self-consumption.

– For example, a popular installation with a power of 50 kWp for about PLN 180,000 with auto-consumption of 25 percent will pay off after about 5 years, generating over PLN 35,000 savings per year.

If the company increases the self-consumption ratio to 50 percent, the payback period will be reduced to less than 4 years, and the savings will increase to approximately PLN 46,000 per year. This means that for 25 years, i.e. the expected lifetime of photovoltaic panels, you can save up to a million zlotys – says Tomasz Lender.

The period of return on investment may be even shorter if the investor uses additional supporting instruments, i.e. municipal subsidies as well as tax reliefs and deductions.

TAURON’s Green Phrase

In addition to the financial benefits, investment in renewable energy sources allows companies to build a good reputation. By generating energy ecologically, companies are perceived by consumers as entities operating in a socially responsible manner. This trend is popularised by the world’s largest brands.

For all those interested in savings and other benefits of photovoltaics, TAURON experts have published a free guide that clearly explains how to effectively invest in photovoltaics step by step and how its new billing system works.

The new guide is available at: biznes.tauron.pl/ebook-fotowoltaika

Source: Wprost


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