The beginning of the weekend with difficulties at three banks in Poland

During the night from Friday to Saturday and Saturday morning, customers of three banks will have to deal with the lack of access to online banking and several services. As almost every week, I write which financial institutions that have planned technical maintenance breaks over the weekend.

Santander Bank Polska – maintenance break

The customers of Santander Bank Polska will have to deal with the most noticeable difficulties this weekend. According to the bank’s representatives, from 23:00 on Friday (July 22) until Service works will be carried out at 6:00 on Saturday (July 23). During this time, it will not be possible to log in to internet banking and the bank’s mobile application.

Difficulties at Alior Bank in the weekend

The technical work for the night from Friday to Saturday (22/23 July) is also planned by Alior Bank. The difficulties will last from 22:30 on Friday until 2:00 am on Saturday, although, according to the bank on its website, they may be extended.

During this time, investment services will not be available. According to the assurances of the bank’s representatives, the works are not to have any impact on the course of card payments and ATM withdrawals.

PKO BP and Inteligo – maintenance as well

At midnight on Saturday (July 23), difficulties will begin at PKO BP and Inteligo. They will last until 9:00 am. During this time, it will be impossible to use the following insurance: PKO Dom, Moje Podróże24, Moje Życie 24, accident insurance for children and adolescents, and Assistance insurance as part of the packages.

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