Big changes to the Family 500 plus program in Poland from today

Important changes take place in the “Family 500 plus” program on Children’s Day. A new benefit period under the care of the Social Insurance Institution begins today. Parents must take into account the change in the date of payment of the benefit.

Family 500 plus program benefit

The new benefit period of the “Rodzina 500 plus” or “Family 500 plus”  program, which begins on June 1, will last until the end of May next year. Applications under the new benefit period could be submitted from February 1 this year. It turns out that most parents and guardians did not hesitate to fill in the documents, because, as recently reported by the Ministry of the Family, by May 11, applications were submitted for over 6.1 million children, while over 6.5 million toddlers were eligible for 500 plus.

Submitting the application by the end of April (this applies, of course, to those who are already parents and benefit from the benefit) is a guarantee of the continuity of the payment of 500 plus. However, if someone submitted the application in May, the entitlement to the payment of the benefit for June and July will be determined no later than by July 31 this year.

In turn, for people who submit the application in the period from June 1 to June 30 this year, the determination and payment of the granted benefit for June, July and August will take place no later than August 31 this year. In the case of people who submit their application after June 30, 500 plus will be available from the month of submitting the application.

New payout dates

Due to the fact that the Social Insurance Institution will take over the custody of the program, the payment dates of 500 plus will change. The money will be received on the following days of the month: 4, 7, 9, 14, 18 or 20. If the due date falls on a non-working day, the transfer will be made in advance.

From the beginning of this year, applications in the case of 500 plus can only be submitted electronically (previously, it was also possible by traditional means) – on the Empatia portal of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, via the Electronic Services Platform (PUE) of the Social Insurance Institution or via electronic banking channels.

Let me remind you that the “Rodzina 500 plus” program entered into force on April 1, 2016. Initially, the benefit was granted for the second and subsequent children at the age of 18. In July 2019, the benefit was also extended to the first child.

Source: Wprost


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