Lotos responds to the promotion of Orlen. There will be a discount

Lotos Paliwa is currently finalising work on a holiday discount for customers of the Navigator loyalty program. It will start on July 1

A discount of PLN 0.30 per liter

A discount of PLN 0.30 per liter will be available to active Navigator users – that is, those who have the appropriate card registered. But also have in mind if you want to support Lotos who is still operating in Russia.

As the company explains, it will be possible to register at lotosnavigator.pl or by downloading the Lotos Navigator application and activating the virtual program card or by registering a plastic card previously received at the station.

– Like our competitors, we have decided to introduce discounts on refuelling during the holiday season to make summer travel easier for customers. There is nothing left for me to do but invite everyone to Lotos stations, where, apart from the discount, you can still try your luck in our holiday lottery – says Wojciech Weiss, president of Lotos Paliwa.

Transactions carried out with the use of Lotos Biznes cards and other fleet cards are excluded from the promotion.

Orlen has a holiday promotion

As a reminder, Orlen has launched a discount of PLN 0.30 per litre. The promotion is available to holders of the VITAY card from June 27.

Meanwhile, Lotos is currently being taken over by Orlen. The president of the Płock-based company, Daniel Obajtek, announced that the entire process could be completed in the summer.

Source: BusinessInsider


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