So many ukrainians are applying for free medical assistance to LUX MED

Free medical assistance is offered to ukrainians by the private medical firm LUX MED and it is popular.

“The main challenge related to medical care for refugees from Ukraine is the availability of services at the moment” says Anna Rulkiewicz, president of the LUX MED Group. The network of medical facilities all over Poland receives approx. 1 thousand. Ukrainian patients who come with both minor infections and more serious diseases, e.g. oncological ones. 

In Warsaw, in the Marriott hotel building, the group has just opened a medical centre for refugees. It has also introduced a special professional support program, under which it will employ Ukrainian doctors, nurses and other medical personnel.

Big need for medical assistance

“There is a great need for medical assistance. Today we have over a thousand patients a day, “says Anna Rulkiewicz . – On the one hand, they come with minor problems: infections, wounds, and on the other – more serious chronic and oncological diseases. Various patients came to us, some who are not vaccinated, and this is especially true of young children. 

Over 21,000 so far have used this opportunity

The group that leads the Polish market of private health services, less than a day after the Russian attack on Ukraine, decided that its facilities would provide free assistance to refugees fleeing from a country torn by war. So far, over 21,000 have used this opportunity. people, and LUX MED implemented 37,000for refugees from Ukraine. services resulting from both urgent, immediate needs and the continuation of previous treatment.

“From the very beginning, we opened a call centre for refugees from Ukraine who need medical assistance. It was built in two days and we had over 100 calls on the first one. Since then, refugees from Ukraine have had access to all our clinics. We also prepared a hospital for them and opened two special medical centres.” says Iñaki Ereño, president of the British Bupa Group, to which LUX MED belongs. 

Help for refugees from Ukraine is provided by over 270 medical centres and 13 LUX MED hospitals throughout Poland. Patients can, for example, benefit from specialist ophthalmic or orthopaedic help, or continue oncological treatment. At the LUX MED Oncology Hospital in Warsaw, ul. Szamocka, a special Emergency Aid Unit for refugees, was established for this purpose.

In turn, in the Marriott hotel building in the very centre of Warsaw, the group has just opened a Medical Centre for Refugees, which is to provide them with long-term care. Importantly, medical personnel from Ukraine will find employment there, which will also facilitate communication with patients.

Dedicated centres only for people from Ukraine

“We have special, dedicated centres only for people from Ukraine. This is the centre in the Marriott building, where we have, among others, boarding school, paediatrics, treatment rooms and psychological care, and a centre at our oncology hospital at ul. Szamocka, where we primarily provide hospital assistance in more difficult cases. We have there, among other special internal medicine beds for patients, there is emergency medicine and full diagnostics” says Anna Rulkiewicz.

” We respond to all needs, from emergency care, to primary and specialist health care, to surgical interventions,  ” adds Iñaki Ereño.”  All these centres employ Polish specialists who can communicate with refugees, but also Ukrainian specialists are with us.

LUX MED teams also work in places with the largest number of refugees from Ukraine, such as Ptak Warsaw Expo. They are also present at the Central Railway Station in Warsaw.

“We cooperate with the city and the voivode. Our point of medical care at Ptak Warsaw Expo coordinates medical assistance for several thousand refugees. The LUX MED help desk is also available at the Central Railway Station and at ul. Wołoska” says the president of the LUX MED Group.

The Group also provides material and equipment support for hospitals operating in regions affected by the war. So far, it has sent to Ukraine, inter alia, a fully equipped ambulance, which went to the University Clinic in Lviv.

In addition to medical assistance, LUX MED has also introduced a special program of professional support for medical personnel from Ukraine, under which it will employ, among others, doctors, nurses and other medical personnel and administrative staff, when the legal conditions allow it.

The group will provide them with additional medical training and Polish language lessons, and will help in administrative and legal matters, so that they can prepare for work in the Polish health care system in accordance with their qualifications.

“As long as they cannot work in accordance with their qualifications, we employ them, for example, as medical assistants, doctors or nurse’s assistants. We also employ reception staff, especially Ukrainians work at refugee points.

If they want to, they will return to Ukraine after the war, and if they want to stay here and validate their qualifications and diplomas, we will support them, help with documentation, and we will provide them with Polish language training” says Anna Rulkiewicz.

So far, the LUX MED Group has already collected several hundred recruitment applications from medical workers from Ukraine. The first of them have already found employment in the company’s structures.

Source: Newseria



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