IT salaries are rising again in Poland. It's not just for programmers

One of the biggest increases in remuneration is in the area of ​​Big Data and in the positions of Project and Product Management. The latter specialists earn up to PLN 22,000. PLN per month. Interestingly, the market is constantly looking for experienced and comprehensive IT specialists.

No Fluff Jobs, a website with announcements for the IT industry, compared the condition of the IT market in May 2022 to the same month in 2021. As it turned out, the number of job offers in this area increased by 75% year on year.

Fell by 6%

According to the latest data from No Fluff Jobs, the median of the lower salary brackets in IT for employment contracts fell by 6%, while the upper one did not change. In May 2022, the median of the lower and upper salary ranges was 9.4 – 15000 gross zlotys for an employment contract. On the other hand, in the case of B2B contracts, the median of the upper brackets increased by 5%, and the lower ones remained unchanged.

In May 2021, it was the level of 14000 PLN net plus VAT up to 20000 PLN net plus VAT, and in May this year from 14000 PLN net plus VAT up to 21000 PLN net plus VAT.

IT salaries. Medians of the lower and upper wage brackets

No Fluff Jobs analysed the changes in the median of the lower and upper salary brackets in specialisations related to programming: Backend, Frontend and Fullstack.

All of them saw an increase in both the lower and upper salary brackets. The exception is the Fullstack area, where in the case of employment contracts, the lower value of the forks remained unchanged, and the upper one slightly decreased (last year earnings in the Fullstack category oscillated between PLN 10,000 and 18,900 gross, while in May 2022 – between PLN 10,000 and PLN 15,000 gross). 

In turn, in the case of Frontend, the median of the lower and upper forks in May 2022 was 14.2 – 21000. PLN net plus VAT for B2B and 12-18000 gross zlotys for an employment contract.

Backend programmers and programmers could count on the highest remuneration in the case of B2B. Here the forks oscillated between 15.1 and 23000 PLN net plus VAT. For those employed under a contract of employment, it was 12.5–18000 gross zlotys.

There are still some strong trends in the IT job market. First, the number of job offers grows year on year, month on month.

In May 2022, we recorded an increase of 74.8%. compared to May 2021. Secondly, companies are still most likely to look for experienced and versatile IT specialists. The share of advertisements addressed to Fullstack Developers had the highest increase – by almost 2 pp (comparing May 2021 to May 2022) –  comments Tomasz Bujok, CEO at No Fluff Jobs.

One of the highest salaries are in Project Management and Big Data

Specialists and specialists who do not strictly code coding in IT can also count on high earnings. One of the highest salaries in B2B is for Project Management specialists, who can currently receive remuneration in the range of 16.800 up to 22000 PLN net plus VAT, as well as people dealing with Big Data – their earnings in May 2022 amounted to 17.500 – 25000 PLN net plus VAT.

In the case of a contract of employment, specialisations with one of the highest salaries are Product Management from 18000 up to 23000 PLN gross, Big Data from 15000 up to 22000 PLN gross and Project Management from 14 thousand. up to 18 thousand gross zlotys.

Non-programming roles, especially Product and Project Management, are becoming more and more popular, and thus – better and better earnings.

This only shows that the world of technology acts as an umbrella under which candidates with various competences can “hide”, and with the current pace of digitization of services, soon every, even the smallest company will need the support of IT specialists .– sums up Tomasz Bujok, CEO at No Fluff Jobs

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