See the differences in salaries recorded by voivodeships and regions in Poland.

The Mazowieckie voivodeship is the only region in Poland where the average salary exceeded PLN 8,000 zlotys per month. Salaries paid in the capital of the country had a large impact on this result. How are wages in other parts of Poland?

The difference between payments in Mazowiecki and Podkarpacie is over PLN 2.5 thousand  zlotys. Mazowieckie exceeds the amount of PLN 8,000, and in Podkarpacie, the salary does not reach PLN 6,000. 

High salaries in Poland

High earnings are also recorded in the Dolnośląskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Małopolskie, Śląskie and Pomorskie voivodships, where the average earnings are above PLN 7.5 thousand zlotys. At the same time, Podlasie, not mentioned above, recorded the highest increase in wages, by as much as 17 percent, in other regions the increase was 11-12 percent. 

Experts point out that higher wages are usually found in larger cities where workers face higher costs of living. But in these cities there is also a greater demand for skilled professionals. Smaller cities have it that the cost of living is lower, but also salaries, because there is less competition. Increases in the minimum wage rate had a large impact on reducing disparities between regions. 

– Raising the minimum wage twice in 2023 had an impact on reducing the pay gap for basic positions, and it is currently only 12 percent. Two years ago, the difference was almost 40 percent. – reports Dagmara Żuromska from Randstad.

 Central Statistical Office provides incomplete data 

Although the Central Statistical Office provides incomplete data – they are based on employment in companies employing more than 10 employees and on the average pay, not their median, a certain trend is noticeable: wages are to the greatest extent related to the industry and correlated regionally. 

An IT specialist in Podkarpacie will earn an average of PLN 9.9 thousand PLN, in Mazowieckie it is true 12.5 thousand zlotys, but compared to tourism, respectively 4.6 thousand PLN and 6.1 thou. zloty. Which means that there are professions on the market that will earn the most in their region, regardless of the place of work, but they will differ individually between regions. 



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