Gasoline at gas stations in Poland should be cheaper very soon

Wholesale gasoline prices are the lowest in a month, according to PKN Orlen data. During the fourth week of June, gasoline decreased by about 3 percent.

According to the data presented by Orlen, for 1000 litres of this fuel in wholesale you currently have to pay PLN 7,115, the day before the price was even PLN 7,111. Recently, such levels were recorded at the end of May.

Cheaper gasoline in Poland

Wholesale prices are prices excluding VAT. If gas stations pass them on to retail prices, a litre of gasoline should be available in the next few days. If the ratio was 100%, then with such wholesale rates, plus 8% VAT, the price of gasoline per litre at the station should not exceed PLN 7.70.

The situation on the diesel oil market is different. Wholesale diesel prices are falling more slowly, in the fourth week of June they reached levels not recorded since the beginning of March, when they were breaking historical records.

But here you can also see a downward trend. Currently, for 1000 litres of this fuel in Orlen you have to pay PLN 7,274 excluding VAT. This is more than before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, but below the records from the beginning of March, when the price was PLN 7,704.

The recent drops in fuel prices may be the result of lower oil prices in the world markets. Oil is getting cheaper because investors fear recession and the related decline in demand for energy and fuels.

Despite the drop in prices in recent days, both gasoline and diesel are much more expensive than at the beginning of the year. In the case of gasoline, the price is more than 59 percent higher, while diesel has increased by 57 percent during this time.

Very expensive in Poland

Poland is one of the countries where the fuel prices were the most expensive during the war among all countries in the European Union. This is the effect not only of an increase in oil prices, but also of gas used in the refining of this commodity, as well as the weakening of the zloty against the dollar and the euro.

Source: 300gospodarka


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