Accommodation prices will go up in Poland. Even by nearly 20 percent

The hotel industry in Poland expects an increase in accommodation prices in the coming months, according to a survey by the Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry.

Accommodation prices will go up

The vast majority of hotels in Poland record an increase in prices in relation to May last year, as well as the one from three years ago. Compared to 2019, 81 percent indicated an increase. facilities, and in relation to May last year, 83 percent, including 27 percent. hotels indicated an increase of more than 20 percent.

“The necessity to raise prices by hotels results from the constantly growing costs of goods and services, including, in particular, the prices of gas, electricity, food, as well as wages and salaries. The economic consequences of the war in Ukraine are another factor forcing the increases” – it was written.

IGHP also asked hoteliers about the projected holiday price increase compared to last year. The definitely dominant responses concerned an increase to 10%. (35% of the surveyed hotels) and in the range of 11-20% (45 percent). For an increase of more than 20 percen  was indicated by the group of less than 20 percent of the hotels in Poland.

135 hotels located in all voivodeships in Poland participated in the survey conducted on June 9-14. 

Expensive summer holiday this year

It is not “only” in Poland the prices for holidays etc. will go up, also if you want to go outside of Poland you will need to pay way more than normal.

Source: Bankier

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