New apartments surface sizes are shrinking in sales ads in Poland

On average, by 5 sq m. over the last three years, the average floor space of apartments offered on the primary market in Warsaw and Łódź has decreased. New apartments on offer have also decreased statistically in Kraków and Gdańsk, according to the data of the website.

The data of the Central Statistical Office also indicate a decrease in the area of ​​built apartments, but in a much longer perspective. Moreover the prices for apartments in Poland are getting more and more high.

Apartments still largest in Warsaw

In April 2022, the average apartment offered on the primary market in Warsaw was 55.3 sq m. – by 5.1 sq m less than three years earlier. However, the housing offered on the capital’s primary market is still statistically the largest.

Even more – by nearly 6 sq m. – at that time, the average floor space of a flat offered by developers in Łódź decreased. A smaller area among the six largest Polish cities was also recorded in Gdańsk ( 54.8 sq m and -2.4 sq m), and a slight decrease was also recorded in Krakow ( 52.7 sq m and -0.8 sq m).

In Wrocław, at that time, the average area of ​​a new flat remained almost unchanged (53.9 sq m and + 0.3 sq m). A more marked increase was recorded in Poznań, where the apartment offered in April 2022 had an average of 54.4 sq m. – by 1.8 sq m more than three years earlier.

What is the data of the Central Statistical Office on the average area of ​​new dwellings delivered for use against this background? If we take the areas of residential premises delivered by developers, between Q1 2019 and Q1 2022 there was an increase by nearly 3 sq m. (from 60.6 sq m in Q1 2019 to 63.4 sq m in Q1 2022).

However, it is worth remembering that the term residential premises also includes single-family houses, the number of which has been growing recently.

However, when looking at the average area of ​​apartments completed in multi-family buildings across the country, the average area has remained at a similar level since 2018, but is definitely lower than in 2017.

In Q1 2022, on average, new flats delivered for use in multi-family buildings amounted to 52.7 sq m. – only 0.1 sq m less than a year earlier and by 0.6 sq m. less than in Q1 2019. However, in 2017 it was about 59 sq m.

The number of dwellings completed by developers in the first four months of 2022 (40,599 dwellings) was 3% lower. lower than in the corresponding period of 2021, by 1.9%. lower than two years ago and almost identical to the first four months of 2019.

Significant drop in the number of construction starts

However, a significant drop was recorded in the number of construction starts. During the first four months of 2022, developers started the construction of 42,770 apartments, which was a result of 22.6%. lower than in the corresponding period of 2021. Started construction sites were also by nearly 5 percent less than in the first four months of 2019.

Source: Bankier

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