Changes in mObywat. Application on the phone instead of a plastic ID card

The identity card added in the mObywat mobile application can be used as a standard, physical ID card. Such changes have been announced by the government.

A draft law on this issue has just been added to the list of works of the Council of Ministers. Adam Andruszkiewicz, secretary of state in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Adam Andruszkiewicz, informed about the government’s plans to change the application at a press conference on today Thursday, June 2.

mObywat app changes

We want the mObywat application to allow you to confirm your identity in all places and situations in our country, on a par with a plastic ID cardAndruszkiewicz pointed out at the conference.

This is part of the changes to be made to an already functioning application. The transformation of mObywatel had been previously announced by the plenipotentiary of the Council of Ministers for cybersecurity, Janusz Cieszyński. 

Provide proof of identity

The change announced by Andruszkiewicz will expand the catalogue of situations in which an application can be used to confirm identity instead of a physical ID. It is already possible today in some situations. However, if the law requires you to provide proof of identity – for example at a bank, notary public or when checking in at the airport – now we still have to use a plastic ID or passport.

The secretary of state also indicated that the mObywat application was to be expanded, for example, with notifications reminding us of upcoming official dates.

Source: 300gospodarka


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