You can get 150000 zloty but there are only a few days left

Until May 30, young farmers can apply for a non-returnable premium to start farming on their own. As part of the support financed from the RDP 2014-2020 budget, they can receive 150000 Zloty.

The Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture (ARMiR) reminds young farmers that they have only a few days to apply for a non-returnable bonus to start independent farming under the support financed from the RDP budget (Rural Development Program) 2014-2020. The deadline for recruitment is May 29, but since this day is Sunday, the documents can also be submitted on Monday, May 30 this year.

Who can apply for the bonus?

Persons who, on the day of submitting the application, are not more than 40 years old, have appropriate professional qualifications or will undertake to complete them within 36 months from the date of notification of the decision on granting aid, may apply for support. Applicants for the premium should have a farm with an area of ​​at least 1 hectare, however, they may be its owners no longer than 24 months before the date of submitting the application.

A young farmer must also own or establish (at the latest within 9 months from receiving the decision on granting aid) a farm with an economic size in the range of 13,000 euro up to 150 thousand euro. Its area should be at least equal to the average area of ​​a farm in the country, and in voivodeships with an average lower than the national one,

A total of 150000 Zloty

What money can young farmers count on? A total of 150000zloty. This amount is paid in two instalments. The first in the amount of 120 thousand. PLN is obtained after meeting the conditions for granting aid, and the second payment – 30,000. PLN – goes to farmers after the implementation of the business plan.

The funds received should be used to run a farm or to prepare for sale of agricultural products produced there. At least 70 percent. the amount received should be invested in fixed assets. Co-financing granted by ARMA can be used, for example, for the purchase of land, machinery, a basic herd of animals or construction works.

Applications for support should be submitted to the ARMA regional departments appropriate for the location of the farm. It can be done in person, sent by registered mail posted at a Polish Post office or submitted electronically – via the ePUAP inbox.

Source: Wprost


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