ING Hubs Poland is driving the digital transformation of the ING group

INGTech Poland has changed its name to ING Hubs Poland. The modification is to emphasise the growing importance of technological services and digital transformation within the ING group. Individual companies, integral parts of ING, provide services to the entire group by exchanging knowledge, supporting and inspiring each other.

ING Hubs Integral part of ING Poland

“By changing the name to ING Hubs Poland, we want to emphasise that we are an integral part of ING, one of many cooperating hubs. We work together, building centres around knowledge and competence. Hence, from April 7, all ING Business Shared Services locations will operate under a new name: ING Hubs. Our local name will change to ING Hubs Poland, ”informs Paweł Michalik, Managing Director of ING Hubs Poland.

ING Hubs Poland is one of the global hubs providing IT services and operational services for ING around the world. For almost 20 years, it has been taking up challenges and proving that it is a trustworthy partner supporting ING in digital transformation.

Technology company with a banking licence

It is thanks to his activities that ING is a technology company with a banking licence. ING Hubs Poland, as part of the IT area, deals with security, remote and application services and hosting. Operational services are provided by units such as: Risk Hub, Cards Hub, Know Your Customer, Centralised People Services Hub or Compliance Hub.

“Thanks to the experience that combines IT with knowledge of the financial sector and the ability to build products and comprehensive services, we have a unique position at ING. We use this potential to optimise processes and guide business units through digital transformation, ”emphasises Paweł Michalik.

The strategy, values ​​and offer for ING Hubs Poland employees remain the same. At the same time, changing the name offers many opportunities. The company plans to use this opportunity to reinforce the strategic message that it wants to further drive ING’s digital transformation across all of the company’s business lines.

The position of the company on the labour market also remains unchanged, resulting from belonging to ING (great work culture, agile organisation, global reach, focus on technology).

The name change is comprehensive, which means that the unified name of ING Hubs Poland will be introduced in all communication channels – internal and external.

The legal name changes from ING Business Shared Services BV sp. Z o. O. Branch in Poland to ING Hubs BV sp. Z o. O. Branch in Poland.

Source: PAP MediaRoom


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