Thousands of freight trains stuck with products near the Ukrainian border

Over a thousand food freight trains are only a part of the 24,190 freight train that are not able to cross the western border with Ukraine . The wagons contain, among others: vegetable oil, iron ore, metal ores, chemicals and coal. The Ukrainian state railway company Ukrzaliznycia informed about the problems.

10,320 freight trains near Iziów

According to Valery Tkachev, the deputy director of the commercial department of this company, he admitted that 10,320 wagons are standing at the junction near the town of Iziów. This is a key point for rail transport from Ukraine towards the Gdansk port.

Railway border crossings on the western border of Ukraine are crucial in the context of the blocking of ports in the south of the country by Russia. These ports were the key gateway for the export of goods from the territory of Ukraine – before the outbreak of the war, Kiev exported 98 percent of its value through this route. cereals shipped abroad. Alternative rail transport is faced with logistical challenges resulting, among others, from the difference in the gauge of tracks in Poland and the countries east of it.

The problems with Ukrainian grain exports are a challenge primarily for the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

Higher food prices in Poland

But food prices in Poland can go even further up because more Polish food products are expected to be exported as a side effect of the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

Already Easter in Poland seems to be one of the most expensive ones in recent years because of the very high prices on food.

Source: BusinessInsider

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