Easter 2022 in Poland will be way more expensive than recent years

The most frequently purchased food products for Easter will be about 20 percent. More expensive than last year’s Easter. That is according to analysts of the BNP Paribas bank, the prices will go up significantly, incl. butter (over 33%), sugar (around 30%), bread (25-30%), poultry (around 30%) and flour (around 25%). The average Święconka will be 12 percent. more expensive than last year’s Easter.

The prices of most basic food products needed to prepare a traditional Easter table will be much higher than in 2021. The prices of vegetable fats (by more than 50 percent) and butter (by more than 33 percent) will increase the most,the report reads .

More expensive butter, eggs, meat, vegetable fats

Analysts of the BNP Paribas bank calculated that the basket of food products most often bought before Easter will be about 20 percent lower. more expensive compared to the same period last year. The basket contains products such as: 3 kg of potatoes, 2 kg of wheat flour, 2 kg of pork meat, 2 kg of gutted chicken, 1 kg of smoked sausage, 1 kg of wheat-rye bread, 1 kg of semi-fat cottage cheese, 1 kg of butter, 1 l rapeseed oil, 1 kg of apples, 1 kg of beet, 1 kg of carrots, 1 kg of onion, 1 kg of sugar, 0.5 kg of pork ham, 2 litres of apple juice and 30 eggs.

“Due to higher feed prices for laying hens, as well as their limited supply, due to the bird flu, we will pay about 14 percent more for eggs than in the previous year” – we read. Poultry meat will be approx. 30% more expensive, pork prices may be approx. 7% higher, and pork sausages – by 3-6%. y / y

The BNP Paribas report shows that we will pay nearly 35 percent more for butter, and more than 10 percent for cottage cheese. more than a year ago. Higher prices should also be expected in the case of vegetable fats – this year their prices may be even by over 50%. higher than last year.

The Easter will be even more expensive

Products such as bread, flour and sugar will also go up. “This year, due to record high grain prices, as well as the war in Ukraine and rising costs of fertilisers, energy and labour, flour prices may be approx. 25% higher, and bread prices may be 25-30% higher. 

We also expect approx. percent increase in sugar prices, therefore, both sweet and dry baked goods will have to be paid dearly “- said Dr. Magdalena Kowalewska, senior analyst of the Food & Agri sector of BNP Paribas Bank, quoted in the report.

The increase in prices of all major food categories means that preparing an Easter basket (two eggs, 50 g of bread and 50 g of sausage) this year will cost us 12%. more than in 2021

Source: Gazetta

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