Bank Pekao's clients threaten by fraudsters to limit access to their account

Cyber ​​criminals pose as Bank Pekao, they send fake messages with information about the alleged suspicious activity observed on the customer’s account. In the text of the SMS, the fraudsters post a link to a page where they can obtain login details for electronic banking.

Fraudsters are extorting money again 

They send fake messages and threaten to limit access to a bank account . This time, the clients of Bank Pekao were targeted by criminals. “Thieves” are also pretending to be Allegro and sending fake SMSs.

Cybercriminals pretends to be Bank Pekao

“Have you received an SMS with information about limited access to your bank account ? Be careful – this is a new phishing campaign. Cybercriminals pretend to be Bank Pekao. They use fake websites to steal login details for electronic banking” – warns the Computer Security Incident Response Team of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority ( CSIRT KNF) in social media.

“Bank Pekao: We have limited access to your account due to suspicious activity, to authenticate you to visit the website [link to the site, original spelling – editorial note]” – we read in the content of the fake SMS message sent by fraudsters to Bank Pekao customers.

Bank does not send such text messages

A spokesman for Bank Pekao emphasises that the bank does not send such text messages. Paweł Jurek warns against clicking on the link in the text of the message sent by cybercriminals pretending to be a bank and against entering login details for electronic banking. The linked page is not the real domain of Pekao.

There are more and more cyber attacks also towards small companies in Poland and even hospitals have been attacked as I reported earlier this year. So be very careful when you get sms´s and emails with links, it is very important to think twice before clicking on a link.

Source: Bankier


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