Survey: companies in Poland want to hire specialists from Ukraine

Almost 80 percent of companies in Poland declare that they want to employ workers from Ukraine, also for specialist and managerial positions, according to a survey conducted by Antal Market Research.

276 employers participated in the Antal Market Research, of which 25 percent represented companies with up to 50 employees, 31 percent companies with between 51 and 250 employees, and 13 percent. companies with between 251 and 500 employees. Almost every third enterprise participating in the survey employs over 500 people.

 77 percent of employers want to hire Ukraines

The study shows that the vast majority, as much as 77 percent of employers declare their willingness to employ workers from Ukraine also for specialist and managerial positions (36 percent answered “definitely yes”, and the remaining 41 percent “rather yes”). 13 percent of respondents do not have such plans, and one in ten has not yet made a decision on this matter.

The sectors such as transport and logistics, IT, banking and insurance, pharmacy and FMCG declare the greatest openness to the admission of specialists from Ukraine. The construction industry, industrial production and shared services and outsourcing centres (SSC / BPO) are also of interest.

On average, companies have 15 vacancies for lower-level positions and five vacancies for specialists to offer. President Antal Artur points to the increasing openness of employers in the field of employing workers from Ukraine. 

“Advertisements are more and more often translated into Ukrainian or English, and the number of available options is constantly growing. Managers of enterprises report to us that they are looking for automation and maintenance engineers, accountants, customer service specialists or administrative employees “ emphasises Skiba.

What barriers, what opportunities?

Employers most often indicate the knowledge of English (73%) as the necessary conditions for examining Ukrainian candidates for specialist positions. Knowledge of the Polish language was mentioned by less than 60 percent. respondents. For employers, experience in the industry is also important (58%).

Among the barriers that make it difficult to hire specialists from Ukraine, employers most often indicate the possible short duration of work, as well as the risk related to the quality of performance of duties without knowledge of Polish as the mother tongue.

Employers – as the authors of the research note – see more opportunities than barriers in the employment of Ukrainian citizens in specialist and managerial positions. Almost two-thirds of respondents hope for greater availability of employees, while more than half see the possibility of recruiting highly motivated staff, and every third see positive business effects in increasing diversity in the work environment.

Survey done last week

The survey was conducted on March 21-23 on a group of 276 companies using the CAWI method. 25 percent represented companies with up to 50 employees, 31 percent companies with between 51 and 250 employees, 13 percent companies with between 251 and 500 employees and 31 percent companies with over 500 employees.

Source: Wprost 


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