NBP: hryvnia-to-zloty exchange program will start during next week

A Hryvnia-to-zloty exchange program has been wished by many in the Polish finance sector and asked the National Bank of Poland for help regarding it. Now the help regarding this is near. 

10000 hryvnia for one adult person

In the second half of next week, the hryvnia-to-zloty exchange program will start, the press office of the National Bank of Poland informed PAP. The NBP started cooperation with PKO BP, in whose branches it will be possible to exchange up to 10000 hryvnia for one adult person.

“Due to the significant influx of war refugees from the territory of Ukraine, coming to the Republic of Poland with hryvnia (UAH) in the form of cash, the National Bank of Poland is carrying out intensive preparations enabling the conversion of the hryvnia to the zloty” – the NBP reported in a statement to PAP.

 Will not start earlier than in the second half of next week

To this end, the National Bank of Poland has started cooperation with the bank PKO Bank Polski SA, in whose branches only banknotes in denominations of 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 hryvnia will be exchanged up to a total amount of hryvnia 10,000 for one adult, the central bank announced.

Also, the information from PAP from PKO BP shows that the exchange program will not start earlier than in the second half of next week. 

We must hope that it will help the many Ukrainians who live in Poland, not at least on the many railway stations.

Source: PAP

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