The latest Eurostat statistics show that over 3.4 million non-fatal injuries have been suffered by Europeans in the workplace. analysed the latest Eurostat data from 30 countries to determine in which European country workplace injuries (injuries that cause an employee to miss four or more days of work) are most common.

Lots of accidents in southern Europe

It turns out that Portugal is the country with the highest number of workplace accidents, with 2848 injuries per 100000 citizens of that country employed. 

France is in second place with 2822 workplace accidents per 100000 people employed. Spain ranks third with 2491 injuries per 100000 people employed in the country.

Luxembourg (2482 per 100000), Germany (2133 per 100000) and Switzerland (2079 per 100000) are among those European countries with over 2000 workplace accidents per 100000 employees, ranking fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.

The top ten is completed by Denmark (1802 accidents), Finland (1604), Belgium (1430) and Austria (1400). 

Of the major European countries, Italy is in 12th place with 1284 accidents, and the UK has 683 workplace injuries out of 19 per 100000 people employed in the UK.

It is much safer in the East of Europe

Poland was ranked 22nd out of 30 countries with 474 accidents per 100000 residents.

The five safest countries in Europe are: Romania – 56 accidents, Bulgaria – 89, Greece – 134, Latvia – 255 and Lithuania – 352.

Dark numbers regarding accidents in the workplace

There are undoubtedly dark numbers in this statistics and I am sure there are many minor accidents that are not reported but that is just my own opinion. 

Source: Rzeczpospolita


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