PV projects belonging to Projekt Solartechnik has exceeded 1.5 GW

The portfolio of photovoltaic projects in Poland managed by Projekt Solartechnik has exceeded 1.5 GW, said the vice president of technical affairs, Błażej Brasse.

“We are currently building solar farms with a capacity of 134.4 MW. Connection conditions have already been obtained for other projects with a total capacity exceeding 500 MW. 

At the development stage, we have projects with a capacity of 1,317 MW, which means that the national portfolio of PV projects managed by the Solartechnik Project exceeded 1.5 GW, ”said Brasse, quoted in the press release.

Since 2018, the Solartechnik Project has participated in RES auctions organised by the Energy Regulatory Office. In total, in 2021, the company contracted PV projects with a capacity of 175 MW. This is a record of the activities of the Solartechnik Project to date.

50% of all photovoltaic installations in 2015

“For 10 years we have been supporting the development of the photovoltaic sector in the country. In 2015, we built over 50 percent of all PV installations in Poland. The industry is currently characterised by dynamic growth, and we are not going to slow down either. 

Last year, we opened an office in Dresden, and we plan to expand further in Europe. The partnership with the family investment company TDJ and the Famur Group strengthens our position in the country and abroad, ”said President Maciej Marcjanik.

The company Projekt Solartechnik Development cooperates with landowners interested in their lease, as well as with persons and enterprises planning to purchase a ready-made solar farm.

“We lease land from private persons, companies and local governments. We buy and develop photovoltaic projects.

We have partners who started their cooperation with us from the lease of land for the construction of a solar farm, and are currently investing in the farms themselves, becoming their owners. Such a wide portfolio of projects translates directly into the expansion of the group of our clients. 

We give the opportunity to invest capital in renewable energy sources by purchasing ready-made solar power plants. We offer companies that want to constantly reduce their electricity costs not only with the construction of PV installations, but also with the sale of energy in the PPA formula (Power Purchase Agreement), ”added Adam Goj, vice president for commercial matters.

Solar power plants in many countries

The Solartechnik project has built solar power plants, including in England, Belgium, France, Germany, Romania and Hungary. The company has been present in Poland since 2011, specialising in photovoltaic projects, industrial energy and wind farms.


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