Problems for Bolt in Poland? The company sends a surprisingly short message

“One of the well-known companies providing brokerage services in the transport of passengers via the application may lose its rights” – reports the Chief Road Transport Inspectorate. Is it about Bolt? The company representative sends a short message.

Short comment from Bolt

Bolt’s press office asked for a comment on the latest information. The company thanked for the question and then said that “Bolt in Poland works as it is”. We asked whether Bolt’s licence could be endangered, whether it could lose the licence, and whether GITD proceedings were pending against the company. However, there was no answer to these questions.

Also, Monika Niżniak, a spokeswoman for GITD, does not answer the question whether Bolt may lose its licence or whether it is a different entity. As Niżniak said earlier, “in the case of one company, formal proceedings were initiated to withdraw the intermediary’s licence due to outsourcing services to entrepreneurs who did not have a licence to transport people”.

According to the findings of the portal, it is about Bolt. “The inspections carried out in the company showed such irregularities and it was about to receive a letter from the General Inspectorate of Road Transport” – the portal reported.

Proceedings against one

Earlier, the Chief Road Transport Inspector Alvin Gajadhur spoke about the initiation of proceedings against one of the traffic companies.

Bolt has been present in Poland since 2017 and supports passenger transport, but it also rents electric scooters on our market. The company was founded in 2013 in Tallinn, Estonia. At the moment, it operates in 45 markets around the world.

Source: BusinessInsider


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