Teachers' raises take effect in Poland. They didn't get what they wanted

The minimum basic salary for a teacher with a master’s degree and pedagogical preparation increases from 130 to 178 PLN gross, depending on the degree of professional promotion. The regulation of the minister of education and science on remuneration entered into force. Together with the June salary, teachers will receive the May salary.

Raises lower than demanded

Teachers demanded a wage increase of at least 20%, but the government was willing to raise their salaries only by 4.4%, which is less than inflation. The draft amendment to the Charter was prepared by PiS MPs.

The table constituting an appendix to the draft provides for eight basic salary rates for teachers. It takes into account all four levels of professional promotion of teachers, i.e. trainee, contract teacher, appointed teacher and chartered teacher, as well as two levels of education.

How much are teachers earning now

And so, the minimum basic salary of a teacher with a master’s degree and pedagogical preparation, depending on the degree of professional promotion, increases from May 1 this year. o from 130 PLN gross to 178 PLN gross.

The minimum basic salary for a trainee teacher with this level of education from May 1 this year. is PLN 3079 gross (increase by PLN 130 gross), contract teacher – PLN 3167 gross (increase by PLN 133 gross), appointed teacher – PLN 3597 gross (increase by PLN 152 gross), certified teacher – PLN 4224 (increase by PLN 178) gross).

A trainee teacher with a master’s degree and pedagogical preparation has so far amounted to PLN 2,949 gross, so it was lower than the minimum salary in 2022. Until now, the minimum remuneration of a contract teacher with such a level of education was PLN 3,034 gross, a nominated teacher – PLN 3,445 gross, and a certified teacher – PLN 4,046 gross.

Base salary plus remuneration

In addition to the basic salary, teachers also receive bonuses specified in the Teacher’s Charter. 

There are over a dozen of them: for years of service, functional (resulting from the managerial function, for the internship supervisor, for the class teacher, advisor teacher, consultant teacher), motivational, for working conditions, for the inconvenience of work, jubilee award, special prize fund, additional remuneration for night work, additional annual remuneration (the so-called thirteen), retirement and disability severance pay and severance pay for termination of employment, remuneration for overtime and temporary replacements.

The amendment to the regulation on the amount of the minimum rates of basic salary for teachers entered into force on Thursday with effect from May 1, 2022, as teachers receive their salaries at the beginning of the month, along with the June salary including the increase, they will also receive compensation for May.

Source: Wprost


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