There is no allowance in Poland for support provided directly to refugees from Ukraine

If your Polish company has supported refugees from Ukraine than you can be compensated financially shows a new decision by the Polish tax authorities.

No allowance for Polish companies

A Polish law firm that has been helping Ukrainians since the beginning of the war has applied for a tax interpretation. It provides meals, shelter, transport from the border, pays for medical and psychological assistance as well as Polish language tutoring, offers legal support, donates clothes, sleeping bags, blankets and personal hygiene products. It supports both Ukrainians in Poland and those who stayed in their country.

The Polish law firm wanted to settle the expenses in tax costs. She argued that the actions she undertook were the essence of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Moreover, support for the victims of the war can be considered a marketing activity aimed at promoting the company (information is transferred in the mass media).

What the Polish law says in the matter

Director of the National Tax Information in interpretation No. 0111-KDIB2-1.4010.308.2022. 2.MKU reminded that the settlement of expenses for assistance to war victims is possible on the basis of a special provision (Article 38w of the CIT Act) introduced by the special act. It does not include support provided directly to Ukrainians. This has to be done through specific entities, e.g. a public benefit organisation (including Ukrainian) or a local government unit. The law firm cannot therefore settle costs under this provision.

Source: Rzeczpospolita


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