Polish rental prices will increase even more. What's going on in the apartment market?

Approximately 53% of the total number of studios and larger flats in Poland are expected to increase in rental prices. Intermediaries, and maintaining an already high demand – more than 30 percent, according to a study by the Nieruchomości-online.pl portal and the University of Economics in Wrocław (UEW).

Polish rental prices will increase again

– In the third quarter, the demand situation may worsen mainly in the segment of larger apartments and houses for sale. In the case of larger apartments, a further decline in interest is estimated by 56%. respondents, and in the case of houses 52 percent. There is less pessimism in the categories of plots (38% of brokers expect a decline in demand) and studios (36%), which should still sell. According to agents, some people will receive a loan sufficient for a smaller apartment, and some will buy it for cash due to the desire to escape from ‘living’ money due to inflation – informs the Nieruchomości-online.pl portal.

When it comes to average asking prices, realtors see the greatest chances for reductions in the category of larger flats (this is the opinion of 51% of respondents) and houses (49%). The stabilisation of current prices is forecast in the case of plots (52% of opinions) and studios (43%).

More expensive rent

– People present on the rental market should prepare for the increases in rates. In the case of studio flats, higher rents are forecast by 56% intermediaries, and in the case of larger apartments, 52 percent. – says Alicja Palińska from the analysis department of Nieruchomości-online.pl.

The value of the Real Estate Agents’ Sentiment Index (INPON) in the second quarter reached 48.5 points, which means a decrease of 9.2 points compared to the first quarter. A drop in the index below the optimistic threshold of 50 out of 100 points indicates a deteriorating situation in the real estate sector, it also pointed out.

The market is clearly slowing down, as evidenced by the decline in the value of each of the sub-indices, it was noted. Comparing Q2 to Q1, the sentiment deteriorated the most in the segment of larger apartments (sub-index is 40.8 points, down 12 points) and houses (40.6 points, down 11.4 points). It was also in these categories that the greatest decline in buyers’ interest was observed: in the case of larger apartments, 74% of them were affected. agents, and in the case of houses, 67 percent.

Therefore, all real estate categories, except for rent, are below the optimistic threshold of 50 points. The economic situation there is still very good, as shown by the index values: studio flats 65.2 points, larger flats 64.9 points, completed.

The questionnaire of the Nieruchomościosci-online.pl portal and the University of Economics in Wrocław was completed in June this year. 675 agents from all over Poland. The study included an analysis of prices, demand and supply in the most important real estate categories: sale of studios, larger flats, houses, plots of land, office / commercial premises, as well as the rental of studios, larger flats and offic /commercial premises.

Source: 300gospodarka


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