A record-breaking Centralny Port Komunikacyjny contract. 7 billion PLN for the railway project alone

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) has selected eleven contractors for the design documentation for the Centralny Port Komunikacyjny railway investments. The estimated value of all orders is over PLN 7 billion net. It is currently the largest framework contract for this type of work in Europe.

The aim of the tender was to select companies to which the CPK company will be able to commission design tasks for 8 years in a simplified procedure of executive proceedings.

Among the selected entities, there were 11 consortia associating the best design companies (27 companies in total) from Poland, Spain, France, Germany and South Korea. The full list of consortia and companies can be found on the SmartPZP platform.

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny and the railway

The scope of railway design works will include, among others elements of the so-called igreka (Warsaw – CPK – Łódź – Wrocław / Poznań), the so-called CMK Północ (extension of the Central Railway Main Line by the CPK towards Płock, Włocławek and the Tri-City) or the new Katowice – Kraków line. There are also sections through areas that are excluded from transport today, such as Ostrołęka – Łomża – Giżycko, Katowice – Jastrzębie-Zdrój – Ostrawa, Łętownia – Rzeszów or Trawniki – Krasnystaw – Zamość.

– In the first stage of the framework procedure, we assessed the experience of the staff. In this way, we obtain reliable partners, shorter time of proceedings, and entrepreneurs the predictability of the order portfolio. This solution has already proved successful, among others during environmental inventories of STH, construction works at the Port of Solidarity or the services of a contract engineer – says Mikołaj Wild, president of the STH company.

The orders under the framework agreement will concern: materials for environmental decisions, program and spatial concepts (KPP), designs and studies for the purposes of location decisions and real estate acquisition, construction projects to obtain a building permit, detailed designs and documentation to select contractors for construction works.

The Centralny Port Komunikacyjny company will be able to commission design services in various configurations depending on the current needs (e.g. either for the design documentation of the entire investment process, or only for the selected above-mentioned design studies).

A framework agreement

The framework agreement enables the CPK company to select contractors more efficiently and quickly in the following simplified execution orders. In the completed procedure, the company assessed only the qualitative criteria (mainly the personnel experience criterion). Price offers will be considered in the next step during simplified execution orders to qualified contractors.

– In the case of framework agreements, it is very important for us to have a dialogue with contractors and learn about mutual expectations. The goal is to act together, which on the one hand gives us the opportunity to efficiently select contractors, and on the other – a chance for contractors to build a valuable portfolio of orders in the long term and based on clearly defined criteria – says Sławomir Kanik, director of the CPK Railway Sub-Program Implementation Office.

The signed contract for design works is one of several framework contracts already processed by the CPK company. In recent days, a contract has been concluded with the contractors of preparatory works at the planned Port of Solidarity.

The STH railway investment program provides for the construction of almost 2,000 km of new high-speed railway lines leading from 10 directions to STH and Warsaw. STH railway investments will allow access to STH from most cities in Poland within 2.5 hours.

Source: 300gosdarka


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