The Polish government is analyzing options to shorten the working week

The government is carrying out analyses on shortening the working week and does not rule out such a solution, but it is always some kind of lowering the competitiveness of the economy and this must be taken into account, says Waldemar Buda, the Minister of Development and Technology.

Reduction of the weekly working hours

Buda thus referred to a question in Polsat News about the reduction of the weekly working hours. He stressed that such a proposal “appeared much earlier, the Left talked about it, we mentioned it”.

– However, as for this idea, it needs to be analysed, we have already made such calculations. It is by no means out of the question. I would not say about some free Fridays or seven-hour time – said Buda in the Graffiti program.

When asked what the shortening of the working week would consist of, he indicated that this issue fell within the competence of the Minister of Family and Social Policy, Marlena Maląg, and such analyses are being carried out.

Referring to the information that in many countries the 35-hour working week is being introduced, Buda said: “This is always some kind of lowering the competitiveness of the economy and it must be absolutely taken into account.

– Timing is important, the question is when it should be done, because I have the impression that there are very difficult times ahead for the economy, for entrepreneurs, I also think for employees. Therefore, the question: is this the best moment, and if this solution is to be introduced, perhaps with some transitional period? – he emphasised

Less hours on Fridays?

When asked what the shortening of the working week could look like, whether Friday would be 3-4 hours shorter, or evenly distributed working hours and Friday off, he said: – These are variants. A very interesting option for me is, for example, a longer vacation, and this would also allow for the final reduction of the working week per year.

– So there are a lot of solutions here, because there are many ‘code-related’ benefits, so here you have to think. Perhaps the target group of people who raise children up to the age of iluś, here you need to work out a reasonable solution with all stakeholders, here are the social groups of stakeholders, you have to discuss – he added.

Asked whether the idea will be developed and presented before the parliamentary elections, Buda said: – I would not like to prejudge it, it is already a political decision, we are required to work through certain ideas, show solutions, show threats and advantages, while a political decision decides what it is supposed to look like.

In many countries, incl. In Iceland, Japan, Spain and Great Britain, experiments are conducted on shortening the weekly working time. Initial analysis indicates that productivity is maintained or improved. Some forms also introduce a shortened working time.

Source: 300gospodarka


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