1/3 of Poles cannot afford a vacation. This year, many more will stay home

Almost one third of Poles cannot afford a vacation this year. This is much more than a year ago, when every fifth Pole could not afford a longer holiday trip.

31% cannot afford a vacation this year  .  Poles. This is the result of a study conducted by Quality Watch for the Polish Debtors Register BIG InfoMonitor. Last year, 19 percent could not afford to leave due to lack of money. respondents.

In addition, according to the survey, people who are planning a vacation will spend less money on vacation than a year ago.

It’s bad time for a vacation

The Quality Watch survey for BIG InfoMonitor shows that, however, a longer vacation trip is planned this year by more than half of Poles (52%). Almost 15 percent of them want to leave even more than once.

But 40 percent. of the respondents have a smaller summer holiday budget than in the previous year. So every fifth announces that he will save on attractions and food, or possibly shorten the trip.

Among people who do not go on vacation, the most frequently mentioned reason for not having plans is bad financial situation – with finances, the need to stay at home is justified by 44 percent. people. Another important reason is the necessity to save due to the uncertainty of tomorrow (20%), and every tenth respondent does not plan to rest because he believes that the circumstances are not conducive to the holiday mood.

– The situation is really difficult. To count one by one – the rise in the prices of energy sources, inflation and finally war. It cannot be denied that they influenced almost every aspect of Poles’ lives. Also, 75 percent of us say it on vacation plans. of the respondents – comments the President of BIG InfoMonitor Sławomir Grzelczak.

Grzelak also points out that the group that is most likely to go on holiday away from home this year (63%) are residents of medium and large cities. 44 percent plan to travel to the countryside and small towns. subjects.

How do they afford a holiday?

According to the survey, the majority, i.e. 60 percent. Poles, it finances its leaves, inter alia, from regular savings. 44 percent people cover these expenses from their current income.

Some of us will have to go into debt on vacation, with a bank or loan companies (1.5% of respondents), or with a family. It is also possible to sell items or to postpone the payment of bills (2.5 and 2 percent, respectively).

When it comes to where Poles plan to go, if they manage to organize the funds, 75 percent. One in four will go to Poland for their most important holiday trip.

– However, taking into account also other trips planned for this summer, it seems that 80 percent will rest on the Baltic Sea, in Masuria or in the native mountains. people planning a holiday this year. Private houses and apartments will be the most popular in the country. More than 30 percent of them choose there. respondents, but only slightly less willingly to book guesthouses and agritourism facilities (29%) and hotels (28%) – according to the communication from the survey.

On the other hand, more than one-fifth of tourists (22 percent) – that is exactly the same as last year – will be helped by travel agencies.

The Quality Watch survey for BIG InfoMonitor was conducted using the CAWI method (computer assisted internet interview) among Poles over 18 years of age, on a representative sample in terms of age, sex and size of the place of residence. The research group consisted of 1,055 people. The study was carried out on June 3-6, 2022.

Source: 300gospodarka



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