Did you get this message? It's a scam says the Polish Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance has issued a message warning against false advertisements in which fraudsters pretend to be the ministry.

Polish Ministry of Finance warning

 We warn against false advertisements in which cybercriminals pretend to be the Ministry of Finance – informs the Ministry of Finance. Fraudsters encourage you to fill out a survey for which you can allegedly get money into your bank account. The Ministry of Finance emphasises that it does not send such messages to taxpayers. – In fact, fake surveys are used by fraudsters to obtain login details in electronic banking – emphasises the Ministry of Finance.

What does the message from scammers look like?

An example of a fake message looks like this.

Ministry of Finance warns against this

Unfortunately, messages from fraudsters pretending to be well-known institutions are almost commonplace. The following warning was issued by Polska Grupa Energetyczna on Tuesday. 

– Watch out for text messages about the alleged initiation of enforcement proceedings. We warn you against messages with a link directing to the payment platform. It’s a scam. The criminals’ goal is to steal login details for electronic banking – Polska Grupa Energetyczna wrote on Twitter.

The fake message reads: – Kancelaria Komornicza AW informs about the initiation of enforcement, ref. No. KM 2771/19, there is a possibility of voluntary repayment of PLN 4.72 – we read in the message, and then a link to the payment platform was provided.

Hackers also attacking other public institutions 

It is not “just” scams that cyber criminals are doing in Poland, there are also hackers who hack into Polish hospitals and the attacks are in general higher after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Source: Ministry of Finance and Wprost, Photo: Flickr


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