Central Statistical Office (GUS): Retail sales rose in Poland in May

Retail sales (constant prices) increased by 8.2%. year on year in May 2022, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) reported. On the other hand, a decrease of 1.7% was recorded in monthly terms.

The market consensus was 8.8%. year-on-year growth (sales at constant prices).

After eliminating the influence of seasonal factors, retail sales at constant prices in May 2022 were down 0.6%. higher compared to April this year, GUS reported.

Retail sales in May were higher than a year before by 23.6%. and increased by 0.4 percent. month to month – according to GUS data.

Which sales segments grew the most and the least?

The largest increase in retail sales (in constant prices) compared to the corresponding period of 2021 was in the group marked by the Central Statistical Office as “other”. This increase was 18%. Retail sales of “Textiles, clothing, footwear” increased by 17.7%. In the segment “Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, orthopaedic equipment”, the increase in retail sales amounted to 15.4%. Sales of food, beverages and tobacco products increased by 10.5%.

The biggest drop in sales was seen in the automotive sector. Retail sales of cars, motorcycles and auto parts fell by 10.6%.

The furniture, electronics and household appliances trading sector recorded a decline of 4%.

Central Statistical Office (GUS) data on changes in retail sales in May in annual terms (constant prices)

Description % y / y
Overall 8.2
Motor vehicles, motorcycles, parts -10.6
Solid, liquid and gaseous fuels -0.3
Food, beverages and tobacco products 10.5
Other retail sale in non-specialized stores *
Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, orthopaedic equipment 15.4
Textiles, clothing, footwear 17.7
Furniture, RTV, household appliances -4
Newspapers, books, other sales in specialised stores -2.8
The remaining 18

Source: 300gospodarka

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