Housing construction in Poland continues to decline at a double-digit pace

The number of housing construction projects started by developers continues to decline at a double-digit pace, according to the data of the Central Statistical Office. Much less traffic can also be seen in the construction of single-family houses. Instead of on construction sites, work is in full swing in offices, where developers fought for permits for future investments in April.

Housing construction started

In April, developers started the construction of 11,095 apartments. It was a result of 14.8 percent. lower than in March and at the same time by nearly 27 percent. lower than last year. Thus, the downward trend observed in March was maintained on an annual basis. There were also fewer new constructions started in April 2022 than in three and four years ago. This year’s April was the second worst month in terms of the number of construction starts since February 2021.

There was also less traffic on construction sites run by individual investors, who started the construction of 8,790 single-family houses in April 2022, which was a result of 14.7 percent. lower than in March and by 20 percent. lower than April 2021

During the first four months of 2022, construction of 73,460 residential units was started in Poland (-18.3% y / y). A stronger fall in annual terms was recorded on the part of developers who started work on the construction of 42,770 apartments, which was a result of 22.6%. lower than that achieved in the corresponding period of 2021. At that time, individual investors started the construction of 29,645 single-family houses (-10.5% y / y).

According to the estimates of the Central Statistical Office, at the end of April 2022, 871.3 thousand jobs were under construction. flats – 2.9 percent more than at the end of April 2021

Building permits in Poland

In April, the offices issuing building permits were much more crowded than on construction sites. Developers obtained 18,209 such documents – by 8 percent. more than a year ago. Individual investors obtained permits authorising them to build 8,948 houses (-12.4% m / m and -12.5% ​​y / y).

During the first four months of 2022, Polish offices issued 105,644 building permits for residential premises. On their basis, developers can build 70,229 flats (-4.6% y / y), while individual investors can start construction work on 33,371 houses (-10.6% y / y).

Flats put into use

The number of flats commissioned by developers in April 2022 was also lower than a year ago, though slightly. 11,250 flats were delivered for use (+0.7% m / m and -1.6% y / y). The number of single-family houses completed by individual investors was also at a similar level as in April 2021 (7,427).

Individual investors can save the first four months of the year in the black. During that time, they completed 31,626 houses – by 10.2 percent. more than in the corresponding period of 2021. In turn, developers from the beginning of the year to the end of April, completed 40599 apartments – by 3.1 percent. less than a year ago.

Source: Bankier


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