Study: Record-breaking inflation prompts Poles to look for a new job

Almost half of Polish employees think about changing their employer due to inflation – according to the study “New faces of work” carried out by A similar percentage of respondents apply for a raise in their current place of employment.

The study “New faces of work”, carried out in March this year, was aimed at – as its authors emphasise – checking how the increase in prices and the decrease in the real value of wages paid translate into the attitudes of employees.

Study: Every third employee is looking for a new job

Three-quarters of Polish employees participating in the survey admit that record inflation has a negative impact on their wages, and almost 60 percent. emphasises that inflation significantly affects the actual value (purchasing power) of their wages. 76 percent of the respondents do not hide that the current salary is enough for them less than a year ago. To make matters worse, few have savings thanks to which they could survive, e.g. in the event of losing their job.

Almost every fifth respondent does not hide that the funds set aside would allow him to survive only a month. Only 15 percent can boast of savings thanks to which it would be possible not to take up professional activity for over a year. respondents. reports that 36 percent. Currently, Polish employees are actively looking for a new job . 44 percent of this group of respondents want to change employers because of high inflation. The authors of the study point out that the decline in the value of money prompts employees not only to look for a new job, but also to negotiate with the current supervisor. 41 percent of the survey participants admitted that due to inflation they had applied for a raise in the last year.

Pressure to adjust salary

“Inflation in Poland is growing every month. As a consequence, the prices of goods and services are rising, which has an impact on the budget of every Pole. Some employers grant an inflation increase once a year. On the other hand, if the employee asked for a raise himself, the employer made his decision based on the above-average results of his employee.

With prices for everyday goods rising month by month, workers are putting more pressure to adjust their wages based on the current economic situation and not just on their performance. If they cannot do it, they often start looking for another, better paid job”, comments Łukasz Marciniak, Sales Director at eRecruiter.

“Inflation and the pursuit of maintaining real wages have thus become an additional factor encouraging employees to look for higher wages and browse offers. Therefore, in attracting employees, it is even more important to communicate the earnings range in job advertisements “, he adds.

The study “New faces of work” was carried out in March this year. on a group of 1,796 Poles.

Source: Wprost


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