Canadians are creating a IT hub in Krakow and starts mega-recruitment

Canadians from CAE intend to hire over 90 people in Krakow, creating – as found out – an elite programming team. Among others, specialists in big data and artificial intelligence will find work in the largest CEA hub in EMEA countries (countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa).

If you don’t know CAE, then you have no interest in aviation . Future pilots from all over the world have been learning to fly on their simulators for many years, and those with already acquired licences improve their skills. Training systems developed by Canadians allow for the training of crews from scratch – for example, as part of the CAE Oxford Aviation Academy.

CAE has a rich 75-year history, but is constantly developing and enriching the offer. Only last year, Canadians took over the military pilot training division of L3 Harris Technologies and Saber AirCentre, which provides technologically advanced solutions for airport operation and flight, crew and aircraft traffic management.

Canadians In Krakow focuses on big data and AI

By purchasing the latter company in October 2021, CAE became the owner of the Saber branch in Krakow, which until recently employed 180 people. Until recently, because CAE has just announced that it intends to increase employment in the Polish office by half.

“Over 90 positions are waiting for qualified specialists, including engineers, programmers and experts in AI, machine learning and big data”, they write in a message.

Oktawiusz Kacza, vice president of Software Engineering for Civil Flight Services and General Manager CAE Poland, notes that the capital of Małopolska has been hosting leading technology companies for over twenty years, becoming one of the key centres creating software for the aviation industry.

“Our local hub is the largest CAE software development and improvement centre in the EMEA region. In Krakow, we will continue to develop our company’s key products” Octavius ​​Duck announced.

Last year, CAE announced Project Resilience, a multi-year program of advanced aviation innovation for carriers and business operators. The Krakow branch will develop solutions in the field of big data and artificial intelligence for this purpose.

CEA: training and zero-emission aviation

CAE specialises in aviation training and has a network of over sixty centres worldwide. Over the past two years, the company has unified its activities by creating a civil flight service system.

The extended CAE package includes, among others: better operational efficiency, lower costs of providing services and improving the operation of airlines in the ecological dimension (thanks to lower fuel consumption and limitation of carbon dioxide emissions).

Does your firm also need IT help in Poland?

CAE is by far not the only firm outsourcing IT to Poland or starting up from scratch with their IT projects. Many companies abroad come to Poland and have their IT needs fulfilled here.

The education level is high and the salaries are still low compared to many countries despite the fact that the salaries in IT are going up

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