Rating agency rated the Polish economy in the face of the war in Ukraine

Moody’s agency confirmed Poland’s rating. This means that Poland  remains a reliable partner for foreign investors.

Rating agency: three key factors

Moody’s informed that maintaining Poland’s rating results from the balance of three key factors. The first is the country’s efforts to increase energy security, as well as NATO’s security guarantees and the presence of troops, which mitigates the geopolitical threat resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including Russia’s decision to cut off gas supplies to Poland this week.

The second important factor is the resilience of the Polish economy and the still strong institutional framework, which – as assessed by the agency – faces challenges related to the gradual erosion of the rule of law.

The third factor that influenced the agency’s decisions to maintain the rating to the greatest extent was the favourable structure of Poland’s debt and its relatively low cost. This makes it possible to bear the greater debt and ease the fiscal challenges resulting from the armed conflict in Ukraine.

Consultation regarding Investing in Poland

The rating from the rating agency Moody shows that Poland still is a great country to invest in. But it is difficult and can get very expensive, if you don’t have the right knowledge about Poland and the right network in Poland. 

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Source: BusinessInsider and Biz in Poland


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