Every third company in Poland makes purchases on Allegro every month

Allegro Biznes was built on the basis of a consumer platform well known to Poles, maintaining all the existing functionalities and adding specific tools useful both for those who need different products to run their own business, and for those who provide them.

Thanks to the introduction of functionalities such as wholesale price lists or deferred payment, the number of companies purchasing from Allegro has significantly increased in the last year.  

30% increase in buyers per invoice

“Since the launch, in February last year, we have recorded an approx. 30% increase in buyers per invoice and a 36% increase in buyers with a company account on Allegro. Statistically, every third company in Poland purchases from us every month, and what’s more – the vast majority of them (87%) have made more than one transaction.” comments Piotr Truszkowski, head of B2B at Allegro.

It ensures that the functionalities offered by Allegro Biznes bring real savings for companies. This is the case, inter alia, thanks to volume discounts, which are a permanent element of the website’s offer.

On the other hand, on the purchase of paper for the office, worth approx. 1,350 PLN, any entrepreneur can save up to 15%. In addition, you can count on savings from numerous promotional campaigns, in which the price reductions of the assortment often reach several dozen percent.

It will get higher for sure after Allegro expanded to the rest of EU.

Allegro Biznes likes deferred payments

Business customers shop regularly and the value of their basket is greater than that of individual buyers. They are also very eager to use deferred payments on Allegro Biznes. Those who have activated this functionality finance 7 out of 10 transactions in this way.

Allegro Biznes is the only store with typical company payment methods that allow you to increase the limits for purchases with deferment. The platform offers the longest repayment deferral period for online companies – up to 60 days – while guaranteeing automatic distribution into 12 instalments when the customer needs more time to pay off.

These conditions are difficult to achieve in the offline world. Currently, as many as 190 million offers on Allegro Biznes are available, from the first purchase, with repayment up to 60 days after delivery.

New functionalities on the way

The platform is constantly expanded with new functionalities to improve the user experience and increase the involvement of companies.

Allegro Biznes’s ambition is to provide services to all companies – from professionals, through SMEs, to large enterprises. That is why, as part of the pilot, Allegro has joined forces with Marketplanet and Logintrade, two of the strongest players on the e-procurement market in Poland.

The cooperation of Allegro Biznes with purchasing platforms provides employees of the largest corporations and large enterprises with access to the largest catalogue of goods in Poland, and at the same time full, electronic control of purchasing processes.

It will streamline processes for people responsible for corporate purchases in corporations and large enterprises. In addition, Allegro Biznes also develops solutions that allow sellers to lower the unit price when purchasing wholesale.

This opens the way for both manufacturers and wholesalers to sell goods at competitive prices. 

Source: Spidersweb


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