Polish government program starts tomorrow it is subsidy to the nursery

Tomorrow, the call for applications for the new government program, announced in 2021 as part of the Polish Deal, will start. It is about a 400 PLN subsidy to the nursery. The support will be available to the parents of those children who are not covered by the family care capital, that is, first of all, only children. Support will be paid regardless of the amount of monthly income.

New social benefit

From 2022, parents can apply for a new social benefit, which is the Family Care Capital (RKO). However, this is not the end of government funding. From April 1 this year. parents and guardians will also be able to submit applications for an additional payment to the nursery in the amount of 400 per month PLN.

Parents whose children are not entitled to family care capital of up to PLN 1,000 per month for a year can count on the new benefit. “Nursery” will start in Poland tomorrow. It is from Friday that parents will be able to assemble their villages.

Surcharge for a nursery. Where to submit the application?

In order to receive a grant, an application must be submitted to ZUS . However, it will only be possible through the Electronic Services Platform (PUE) of the Social Insurance Institution, the government portal Empatia or electronic banking.

To obtain funding, it is also necessary to provide the entity running the facility with a declaration containing the data of children and parents. The child must be entered into the register by the nursery, children’s club or day guardian. 

However, this statement is not tantamount to submitting an application for the so-called nursery. This document could be submitted until January 14, 2022.

Source: BusinessInsider



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