There is a growing demand in Poland for data centre and cloud services

In 2018, 11 percent of cloud services were used by companies in Poland, the same indicator from 2020 is already 24.4 percent, and from 2021 – 28.7 percent according to data from the Central Statistical Office (GUS).

Among large enterprises, the percentage reaches almost 70 percent. Start-ups, which want to implement their solutions on the market as quickly as possible, decide to take such a step more and more often. Customers are migrating to a data centre en masse, which shows that trust in cloud technologies is growing, but the location of such a centre is of great importance to them. The factors that make them do so are not only the economy, but also ecology.

“We have been present in Poland since 2004. Already in 2017, we opened a data centre in Warsaw, because we knew that companies needed such a facility in the country. These observations are confirmed in our latest research from November last year, which shows that the vast majority of Polish enterprises want to store data in Poland, which was indicated by as much as 88 percent of the respondents” says  François Sterin, Chief Industrial Officer, Executive Vice President at OVHcloud.

OVHcloud operates physical servers connected to the Internet in its data centres and hosts cloud computing services there. Customers have constant access to these services. As the company emphasises, for them, offering such services in the country where the client operates is a guarantee of trust, security and efficiency. T

hat is why the company’s data centres have already been established, inter alia, in Poland, Germany, Great Britain, France, but also outside Europe – in Canada, USA, Australia and Singapore.

Data centre and other security is of key importance

“Data security is of key importance to us because it is a priority for our clients. More and more users and partners need to trust the entity that stores their data, e.g. they want to know exactly where they are located.

Trust is related to, inter alia, with data centre location legislation as well as the reputation of the provider that can guarantee them. We are convinced that OVHcloud is doing very well in this respect” says François Sterin.

The geolocation of data centres is the main challenge for cloud services, and solutions must be available as close as possible to the place of business by entrepreneurs. Data localization is important in the design of any infrastructure, not only to increase the performance of websites and applications, but also to obtain certificates and ensure compliance, e.g. in the context of the GDPR Act.

-“OVHcloud has 33 data centres around the world available to our customers. Using data centre services in a location chosen by the client means that he does not have to buy his own servers, invest in infrastructure and its maintenance, but can use powerful computing power needed for a specific period or for a specific project” says Natalia Świrska, Start- up Program Manager for the CEE region, OVHcloud.

According to the PMR report “Data centre market in Poland 2021”, in 2020 the total capacity available to customers on the commercial data centre services market was nearly 89 MW. By 2026, this value is expected to double as investors’ interest in the Polish market continues. Especially in Warsaw, because the capital city generates by far the greatest demand for data centre services.  

Experts emphasise that customers are encouraged to use data centre services not only by savings and guaranteed availability and security, but also by environmental issues. This is because server hosting is associated with high energy consumption, but large facilities use solutions that are to reduce this consumption while minimising the impact on the environment.

Looking for environmentally friendly services

“Currently, enterprises are increasingly looking for environmentally friendly services. This is an increasingly important aspect related to the choice of services. We are seeing a significant change: customers need information on, for example, the carbon footprint, they want to know the environmental impact of their services” stresses François Sterin.

Public, private, and hybrid cloud systems have changed the way companies around the world view IT architecture. The pandemic significantly accelerated their implementation. As indicated by the data of the Central Statistical Office, while in 2018 paid cloud computing services were used by every 10th company, in 2021 this indicator was almost 29%.

In large companies this percentage is as high as 69.7%, in small – 24.4%. Start-ups that plan to quickly implement their solutions on the market decide to take such a step. In addition, the OVHcloud Startup Program enables, for example, development and international expansion, and since 2015, nearly 2,000 have joined the program. start-ups.

“OVHcloud offers a program dedicated to technology start-ups. We offer grants for our infrastructure up to 100000 euro so that they can develop their infrastructure for a year. In addition, we are close, we actively cooperate, we provide support during the promotion of the activities of starting companies, and we also engage in joint events”. says Natalia Świrska.

OVHcloud is one of the event partners for the Thursday Gathering. These are cyclical meetings of the community of innovators providing an opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge on the most current topics. They are held every Thursday at 5 pm in Varso, Warsaw, on the initiative of the Venture Café Warsaw Foundation and its partners.

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