Polish employers can now register Ukrainians for work in Poland

The Law on Aid to Ukraine introduced the possibility of employing Ukrainians – visitors can legally work for any employer in Poland, without any additional permits. On the other hand, the employer is formally obliged to report to the employment office that a citizen of Ukraine has taken up employment. This should be done via the praca.gov.pl electronic system within 14 days of starting work.

Many Polish companies have already said that they are ready to hire Ukrainians to work in their companies in Poland.

Refugees from Ukraine can apply for PESEL 

According to the adopted regulations, each refugee from Ukraine who came to Poland from February 24 may submit an application for a PESEL number (national identification number).

Thanks to it, Ukrainians will be able to start work, start their own business, take advantage of medical assistance and gain access to education. The submission of such an application will also register the foreigner’s stay in Poland, if his entry has not been previously registered by the Border Guard.

Refugees from Ukraine may submit applications for a PESEL number at the commune offices . The forms are bilingual, i.e. Polish-Ukrainian and Polish-Russian. The required form can be obtained directly at the commune office or downloaded HERE .

Legal stay for 18 months

The Act on Assistance to Refugees guarantees the legality of stay for Ukrainian citizens, as well as for their spouses without Ukrainian citizenship, who entered Poland from Ukraine from the beginning of the Russian invasion. The stay of Ukrainian refugees in our country will be considered legal for 18 months. The stay of children born in Poland by Ukrainian women who escaped from the war will also be legal.

Pursuant to the Act, after 9 months, refugees whose stay has been recognized as legal may apply for a temporary residence permit for a period of 3 years. Most of the provisions of the act do not apply to Ukrainians who resided legally in Poland before the war. However, it provides that the terms of validity of their visas or residence permits, which would have expired during the war, will be extended by operation of law.

Source: Gazeta


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