Industrial production in Poland increased a lot in January 2022

It is going very well in Poland when it comes to industrial production and new data from Eurostat and the Central Statistical Office (GUS) confirms that.

Industrial production in Poland increased by 16.6% 

The industrial production in Poland increased by 16.6% y/y in January 2022, the EU statistical office Eurostat reported. On a monthly basis, the production in Poland increased by 3% in January.

In the EU as a whole, this area of production in January increased by 0.4% MoM and rose by 0.4% YoY.

The Central Statistical Office (GUS) previously informed that sold production of industrial enterprises increased by 19.2% y / y in January 2022.

The bad and good in Poland’s economy

There are other areas of the economy in Poland that are not going that well, inflation is growing and the Zloty is under pressure but Poland’s GDP in 2022 still seems to grow despite the war in Ukraine.

How it will go in the coming months is very uncertain because of the war but also because of the inflation etc. that was already high before Russia attacked Ukraine.

Source: IsbNews


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